I would be the last person in the world to say Microsoft is an innovation company.  They have squashed a lot of their best ideas, or bought out companies and made them a ho-hum part of the Microsoft Borg.  And that goes for Nokia, a has-been major cell phone manufacturer.  The new CEO, however, seems to have kicked things into gear.  And the product announced today, Microsoft HoloLens, is revolutionary.  It puts 3D objects into your field of view, sometimes integrated with physical objects like walls, tables, or other things (one demo shows designing a virtual fuel tank on an actual motorcycle chassis).  It has cameras to detect your hand gestures, to know what you are looking at.  It supplies "spatial sound" to your ears.  NASA will be using it to walk around images from Mars as if it were the holodeck.

Check out the demo videos.  If they don't get your tech mojo going, nothing will.


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