I've sat through many prep sessions for pitch competitions.  Most of the time I get the impression that this is not only the path to some of the discipline required for success, it is the same path required to be all you can be, which is to be the next Twitter or Facebook.  Perhaps that is not a realistic goal around here.

You see, there are real advantages to a rich new business ecosystem.  People in Knoxville are working hard to provide that.  A big part of the established new business centers like Silicon Valley and others is success of the new businesses generating more investment capital.  The new jobs and economic activity attract more people with great ideas and the drive to create businesses.  Some people think Knoxville is well on its way there, we are actually just ramping up and trying to find the proper direction.

Maybe someday there will be some unicorns in Knoxville.  But they aren't here now.


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