Harvard Business School Elevator Pitch Tool

The Harvard Business School has published a tool to the Web called the "HBS Elevator Pitch Builder." Here is the URL: {updated 8/2/2016...the original article is no longer available}.

Here's a replacement article compliments of our friends at FormSwifthttp://formswift.com/elevator-pitch-guide 

I think there are some valuable lessons built into this tool. A lot of them are unintentional. My brief take is, figure out what they did wrong and you could be great at elevator pitches and designing Web sites. The HBS has hit several of my personal hot buttons.

Some top concerns:

  • The word statistics aren't correct.
  • You've got to close the helpful descriptions for each step to enter parts of your pitch.
  • You can't see the entire pitch until the very end, so it's guaranteed to lack proper flow.
  • The tool actually suggests buzzwords for your pitch! That is the Harvard Way, I guess.
  • The tool elevates design to the forefront, thus it seems to aspire to eye candy status
  • The tool uses a businessman icon that has a tie. The tool is built by male sexist pigs!

On the other hand, the tool is free. It has sensible suggestions. And it is free.

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