How would you like to advertise your business for free and help another EOK business at the same time?


Here is how you can do it!  Go to , register on the website, then sign up as an advertiser.  Once your account is approved, upload your ad media, reserve your ad space on some web pages, and use the discount code "eok" (no quotes) to get free ads.  If you set those ads to link to your website, you've just increased your Google rank and gotten some free advertising!


Is there a catch to this deal?  Of course there is!  This is good for a limited time and subject to the terms and conditions for advertising on  Your business should be associated with meeting, events, or services associated with those things.  Would your speech coaching services qualify!  No problem! What if you write books on event planning? No problem!  Do you run an escort service? Big problem, no ads for you on our website!


Please sign up and upload your ads ASAP.  Space is limited, especially in the Knoxville market (we're talking about several dozen ad placements here on any given day).  However, if you snag a spot, it's good for 5 days.

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