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Angel (devil) Investors

I'm the President of the local ACG Chapter and Eric Dobson is the CEO for the entire organization. ACG members invest in startups in exchange for equity (ownership). We usually invest around $250,000 in seed rounds but have done as much as $8.7M. Equity investing is only for companies capable of changing Valuation quickly and Exiting. Private Equity Investors (Angels and…


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Looking for a few good Nerds...

I'm looking for some Nerds and could use some help. Would you please print a copy of this flyer and hang in a Starbucks, Panera, Dorm, Library, etc. where high school or college students frequent? We're focusing on students for our staffing needs and your help is greatly appreciated! 

Or, if you know someone who manages a coffee shop or works at a highschool…


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Perks of Membership!!!

You may not know this...but...as a member of EOK, you get some really cool perks including a full G-Suite with an account at @eokhq.com. If you don't have your @eokhq.com account, be sure to drop Leo an email leo@eokhq.com to let him know and he'll get you setup ASAP! Also, this allows you to communicate with other EOK members via their EOK email addresses if you log into Google with your shiny new EOK account.

Also, we…


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Scruffy City Stories

Check out these stories created by our very own, Tommy Nguyen! Tommy's company Right Click Design is rocking and rolling building custom applications for everything from games to relationship management to self-storage units! You have to check these guys out! They are very impressive and will amaze you with their abilities. If you have a need for some custom software, reach out to Tommy and his…


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Trello Acquired by Atlassian!

We've always LOVED trello! Since trello.com came on the scene back in 2011, it has been super popular with many EOK members. If you haven't tried it, definitely check it out. It's great for projects, document management, task lists, and more! It's simplicity is what makes it so powerful and effective! Also, check out their story on…


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Pitching for Investment

Pitching for an investment is not an easy thing to do.  It is part art and part business acumen.  The short version is the pitch should mimic a great business plan in structure and flow, but be told as a story.  It ultimately depends on your style of presentation, but the most straightforward delivery is…


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What's your topic?

We believe the collective experience of all our members is priceless! No one has seen the world through your eyes...you are super unique and we can all learn from you! So, please take a few minutes to share your ideas for topics.

I've attached the list we have compiled so far. Please use the EOK Topic Suggestion form to make more suggestions. You can find the form…


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Private Equity - Angels, VCs, and Funds...Oh my!

As many of you know, in addition to founding Entrepreneurs of Knoxville and Entrepreneurial Collective, I serve as the President of ACG Knoxville Chapter. As Chapter President, my responsibilities include educating the Knoxville area about Early Stage Investing. I also recruit new Angels to the membership and look for Entrepreneurs to pitch to the Angels for capital.

So, here's a crash course in equity investing…


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Another smart entrepreneur!

Speeding the delivery of beer to thirsty clients...what could be better?!?!?!

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Downtown Office Space ($100/mo)

Steve Slack has some AWESOME office space downtown! Perfect for co-working...the space is divided into a ton of smaller offices for privacy all located off a circular hallway around a very large common area! A very cool space. Also, there's warehouse space attached with loading docks. Could be great for some light…


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Start with Why!

We've discussed this many times at Past EOK meetings but it deserves another post. If you haven't watched the TED Talk by Simon Sinek "Start with Why", you need to set aside a few minutes and get it done...now.

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Evening at Drink

This event is being hosted by the Rotary Club of West Knoxville for all EOK members. Our hope is that this will be another step in building a long lasting partnership between members of our two organizations.

Date: March 25th, 2014

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location: Drink – The Wine Dive

215 Brookview Centre Way, Suite 107

Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

Dress will be business casual

Please RSVP to Bo Sutton…


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I learned something today and would like to share with you.  

I've always been eminently opposed to the idea of "networking".  I've always associated networking with "fake" or a "false sense of value".  You're forcing a relationship...just doesn't feel right.

BUT...members of EOK keep saying this is the best "networking" organization they've ever experienced.…


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Man'ority Report - Valuation

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Manority Report - "Life is a Pitch"

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EOK Lunch-n-Learn Dec 2013 (Inbound Marketing)

Today we're joined by Mac Bartine (Vieo Design) and led through a discussion of Marketing with a focus on inbound marketing.

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EOK Lunch-n-Learn Nov 2013 (Google Glass)

Today we're joined by Kathi Browne (Browne Knows) and led through a discussion and demonstration of Google Glass.

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EOK's first $1000 Giveaway is a success!

Five individuals pitched their ideas to a three-judge panel from Angel Capital Group.  Our three winners are listed below!  Thanks to all of the contestant for making the evening very exciting and entertaining!  Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the evening happen - UTFCU; ACG; PYA; LNG; Robinson IP Law; FairMechanics.com; Neighborhood Nerds; and the KEC!  This is just the first of many competitions...stay tuned and start getting your pitch together now!  And without further…


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Backyard Nuclear Power!

I want one of these!  Electricity and hot water from a small self-contained system!  This sounds amazing.  I just read that Toshiba is working on building these system smaller and smaller.  A "pocket nuke" or "backyard reactor" would be awesome!  Going off the grid with a little battery buried in the ground!

Checkout the …


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Latest Man'ority Report Episode

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