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There Are No Unicorns in Knoxville

I've sat through many prep sessions for pitch competitions.  Most of the time I get the impression that this is not only the path to some of the discipline required for success, it is the same path required to be all you can be, which is to be the next Twitter or Facebook.  Perhaps that is not a realistic goal around here.

You see, there are real advantages to a rich new business ecosystem.  People in Knoxville are working hard to provide that.  A big part of the established new…


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A Modern Way to Do PR for a Small Business

Here is a tool that Rober Scoble found at the PR Summit: Press Friendly ( )

His interview:

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Best Tech Entrepreneur Source - Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble, known as The Scobelizer a few years ago, is the master of tech networking.  From Davos to hobbyist clubs in San Francisco, from Facebook to one person startups you never heard of (but will be big news next year), Robert has amazing tech radar that finds out what is happening, who is doing it, and what is worth watching before it becomes the Next Big Thing.  People pay big money for newsletters on material like this, but you can benefit from Robert's hard work and talent for…


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Jump Into the Shark Tank!

The Shark Tank is holding and open call in Knoxville on April 30.  Do I need to say more?  Well, we'll let the Knoxville News-Sentinel fill you in.…


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This is why Google Glass is Dead

I would be the last person in the world to say Microsoft is an innovation company.  They have squashed a lot of their best ideas, or bought out companies and made them a ho-hum part of the Microsoft Borg.  And that goes for Nokia, a has-been major cell phone manufacturer.  The new CEO, however, seems to have kicked things into gear.  And the product announced today, Microsoft HoloLens, is revolutionary.  It puts 3D objects into your field of view, sometimes integrated with physical objects…


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My Favorite Meme

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New Breakout Series by CodeStock and KEC a Success

There are three sessions planned for the Breakout Series for startups.  The first was held October 2, 2014.  It was a great program.  Make sure to sign up for the next session in January!  Here are some photos:

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Giant Chinese 3D Printer Creates Concrete Houses!

Strangely, this was found on the Russia Today website.  Because I guess the Chinese aren't into journalism and propaganda for some reason! ;-)

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Wow! Tech is Transformational!!!

You know, why just do something when you can over-do something?

I cannot fault these people for trying to make some money off entrepreneurs.  This conference is probably a lot better than the Donald Trump seminars or anything else I could name.  In fact, I recommend checking out their website to learn more techniques about selling online, particularly in the meeting and event arena.  They are successful at what they do.  Heck, if you even want to go to their event, have a great time!…


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New Horizons On the Internet

Since I'm not doing so much on Twitter, and some projects are on hold right now, I've taken an opportunity to join an eclectic group of entrepreneurs at the Man'ority Report.  Here is the Google Plus page for the group:

Our group meets on Google Hangout every Saturday at 11 AM Eastern.  I recommend…


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Starting Businesses in Europe

Advice for American entrepreneurs that move to Europe.  Notice the many instances of cognitive dissonance in this piece.  But the author still manages to describe several outright schizophrenic circumstances, along with the ones he brushes away with common European inverted logic.  A great read to understand that part of the world from this part of the world.

I have noticed that Eastern Europe (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Transylvania, others) may be a bit less regulated and…


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Things are hopping in Knoxville!

According to this website there are literally dozens of entrepreneurs in Knoxville![]=2

Wouldn't it be great if EOK could create of map of entrepreneurs that really reflected activity in this area?  And gave people a good picture of who we are?

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Dept. of Energy Small Business Summit in Knoxville

I just recently heard about the DOE Small Business Summit in Knoxville next week.  This is a multi-day conference, July 9-11.  I highly recommend contacting the meeting coordinator for details, as the event brochure is sparse on information.  Also, they list the Knoxville Convention Center at an address on Henley Street.  Perhaps they are at the UT Convention Center?

I'm biased on this, but I am putting a higher priority on the EOK Quarterly event on July 10.  It is much better…


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Google Likes Nashville

Did you know that Google did a special event in Nashville on April 19, 2012?

Neither did I.

Apparently, Google really, really likes Nashville.  They said that Nashville and Silicon Valley have a lot in common.  They put on a full day conference called "Google for Entrepreneurs."  

Check out Google's article on the event: …


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Google Wants To Help Your Business Go Viral!

Google and American Express have introduced a new feature on YouTube that could generate 22 million views for your business introduction video.  Called "My Business Story", this new service helps you put together your business story video, which may be featured on a major YouTube web page if it is selected by Google.  You can also host the video on your website or on social networks such as facebook.

This is one of those promotional deals that you can't refuse.  I know I can't.  But I…


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Free Advertising for EOK Businesses!

How would you like to advertise your business for free and help another EOK business at the same time?


Here is how you can do it!  Go to , register on the website, then sign up as an advertiser.  Once your account is approved, upload your ad media, reserve your ad space on some web pages, and use the discount code "eok" (no quotes) to get free ads.  If you set those ads to link…


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Startup America Government Program

The White House has a boatload of initiatives to help new business startups.  Many of the initiatives are targeted at very specific business sectors or entrepreneurs (such as veterans).  Here is a mega-page describing many of the programs.


Among the many other programs, Startup America has…


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Terry Frank of Oak Ridge Testifies Before Congress

Written Testimony of Mrs. Terry Frank

Owner, Nature’s Marketplace

Before the Small Business Committee

U.S. House of Representatives

February 16, 2011

Chairman Graves and Representative Velazquez, Congressman Fleischmann, members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify on the state of small business today and specifically taxation of small business.

My name Is Terry Frank. Nearly 20 years ago, my husband and I sought…


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Why is Silicon Valley so Special? The Great Robert Scoble Provides Some Answers

I've lived in the valley since 1971 and my dad got moved here because of the tech industry (he got a PHd at Rutgers in New Jersey and since his family lived in NY and NJ I'm sure he would rather have gotten a job on the east coast, but Ampex hired him and moved him here. A few years later he moved to Lockheed, which shows that military spending is a major reason for geeks to move and stay here, at least in the cold war days where the government was spending billions to stay ahead of the…


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Congress Tries to Listen to You

Congress has established a new Website to collect information from "America's Job Creators".  Unless you have employed a lobbyist in DC, or travel there regularly to talk to them yourself, this may be your only opportunity to inform Congress on your opinions of the Federal government and its regulations.


From the Website: "Americans have a right to an efficient, effective government that works for them. American job creators deserve the opportunity to succeed and grow…


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