EC Membership has many benefits!


All members pay annual membership dues of $100.00 (annual dues paid on date joined). Members are able to maintain a profile on the main site, participate in 12 monthly lunch-n-learn events, attend all networking/social events, and more.

Monthly Lunch-n-Learn

Membership includes the opportunity to attend all monthly meetings. Monthly meetings are recorded and published as an Audio and a Video podcast.  This allows a member the opportunity to catch up on any missed meetings. Lunch is included for members in good standing (RSVP is required). Lunch-n-Learns are held the 2nd Thursday of EVERY month 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Members currently meet at the Rodefer-Moss Water's Edge facility. Topics will be of importance to all members. We will have a guest speaker and open discussion. We believe shared experiences and shared best practices are crucial to every member's success.

EC iTrailGuide™

Our chapter has adopted the Entrepreneurial Collective's iTrailGuide™ model to allow all members the opportunity to work "on" their businesses. We believe this model will help our members create healthy, sustainable companies. This program is offered at a discount to members. Please visit The Ascend Website to learn more.

  • iTrailReadiness™ - This workshop guides members through a self evaluation. We believe it is critical to know yourself...what kind of leader are you? what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats? Members also evaluate their concept, team and join a peer group as part of this workshop. You must complete this workshop before we will assign a mentor.
  •  iDentityGrid™ - This workshop guides members through Gridwell's take on  Simon Sinek's Golden Circle. Members "start with the why" then use a series of questions/guides to get to the root of their purpose, mission, culture, and walk away with a clear statement of "why, way and what" for their concept.
  • iBMP™ - This workshop guides members through Gridwell's take on the Business Model Canvas. Members build their Business Model Prototype on a one page map. This is a living document used to quickly explain the concept to partners, vendors, investors, employees, customers.
  • iTrajectory™ - This workshop pairs the member with a mentor. The mentor is an expert in the sector of the member's concept. The member and mentor work together to set a 3-year trajectory and a 90-day action plan. This is how you set your waypoints and document your milestones on your personalized trail.

Peer Groups

This is how we started...a Peer Group of 8 Entrepreneurs.  We met weekly for breakfast and each member took a turn in the "hot seat".  The member in the hot seat had the floor and the attention of the others.  He/She would take this time to ask for help with a business issue (Problem Client, Marketing issues, Financial problems, etc.).  Everyone would speak from their own experiences concerning the topic.  We also held each other accountable and expected reports on progress. 

For these reasons, all members are required to participate in a Peer Group. These groups will provide a more focused setting where you can find encouragement, experience and accountability to help you achieve your business goals. Meeting structure will be focused on helping each member complete their current trailguide tasks. This is not a socializing opportunity! This is a working session...members are there to help each other move forward on their trails.

Pub Nights

Each month (1st Monday of the month) members socialize at a local pub. We share stories, beer, food, and good times. Please check the calendar for details on location and starting times. 

Annual Dinner and Awards

Awards recognize member successes throughout the year. Enjoy good food, great conversation, a nationally known speaker and fabulous door prizes.  Pricing for the public is $100.00

Software, Hardware, Services

Members have access to online tools like google docs, 37Signals, research tools, hosting accounts, etc. Also, members have access to hardware owned by the chapter like cameras, printers, etc. Members also have access to services purchased by the chapter.

If you have questions, please direct them to the BOD email 


How to pay your dues

Membership dues are $100.00/year. You can Pay Your Dues with a Credit Card or feel free to mail or bring a check to:

  • Entrepreneurs of Knoxville
    1202 Kenesaw Ave
    Knoxville, TN 37919
    Att: Member Dues


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