Who were you working for before...you know...you got let go? Did the company close? Were you downsized? Did you call your boss a really bad name? Have you always wanted to run your own business anyway?

Tell us all about it...we all are in the same boat and want to help each other.

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I originally got laid off in February 2008. I was one of the first to be laid off, but I wasn't the last. The company I worked for sold its building and moved to another building, laid more people off and have downsized a lot in the past year.

I then volunteered to help a friend with her business, with the idea that I would eventually be paid. That was the end of June. In July, she hired me, but in October she had a few contracts delayed and proposals closed without hiring anyone and she decided she needed to lay me off, close her office, and move to her house. She also stopped giving herself a salary for a while. Since I was only employed about three months, I didn't get a new claim, but there was still some money left on the old claim. I didn't call either of my employers a bad name. I feel that they wouldn't have laid me off if there was another alternative. I feel that I gave a good return on their investment. With the first company, they are still making money with a contract I got for them. I hold neither of them any ill will.

I did start my own buisness, but the going is tough. I am not making what I used to make. But I have received valuable help from EOK in starting this buisness.
I haven't been laid off, but I have created a page for people to post their Knoxville resume. It's been getting a fair amount of hits, and is ranking fairly well for specific job description resumes. This is free to anyone who wishes to use it. I hope it helps.

The page is at knoxvillebusiness.com/resumes.html

Best wishes to all,

I was laid off from an engineering firm on Oct. 2nd. It was a simple matter of the company not being able to afford to keep us. They did everything they could to keep as many of us for as long as they could. My boss is a great person and it really grieved him to have to do this. There was no name calling. :-) I did administrative work, but have always wanted to be my own boss. I love to cook healthy meals and cook for those who need help, but never get paid for it. I had the idea to open my own personal chef service for the ill, disabled and those working toward weight loss goals a couple of years ago. I had a feeling that layoffs were going to be unavoidable so when my hours were cut to 32 hours a week, I spent those extra hours on working on my business. I have been working with SCORE and they have helped me tremendously. It was not my plan to rely on this business to be my sole income right now. I only have one client. I've only really been "open" for about 2 months. Now I want to make this work and be able to be my own boss. I need to pound the pavement and hand out info to local hospitals, physical rehab facilities, diabetic and heart centers, etc. in order to try to grow the business. It's scary to be my own boss before I had enough clients to make a living from.
Fortunately I was not laid off but have had a diverse background in business - from the Management side to the Owner side..

I joined the group in hopes of maybe being a help (I am a good listener) to folks that are looking at their next big adventure...

I worked for a large Corporation for 34 years / owned my own business in East Tennessee for 3 years (and sold it profitably) / Managed a large Beverage Company worldwide.

I look forward to meeting everyone at various EOK functions.. Or just contact me through the EOK link...


Unlike everyone here, I was fired.

I had worked at Best Buy going up the ranks into mid-level management at the retail store level, and then during the peak of the recession, they scaled back all of the mid-level management jobs. Thus my position was eliminated and I was rehired for less pay than when I started working at the company. I went from sales and development to a warehouse position.

I was placed there, I think to have been forgotten. I had been passed over for promotion (to the tune of around 25 promotions) because I lacked 'recent sales management experience'. After filing a corporate HR complaint regarding this, I was then fired because I went over a lunch break by 12 minutes accidentally, in June of this year.

Since then I formed my own business, "Digital Consultants", where I perform home theater installations and computer repairs for businesses and customers alike. I have not missed being fired a single day.
I got laid off over 2 years ago and the job market was horrible, so I ended up getting into insurance sales.  I believe in it and I've been working in insurance for 20 years, so why not?!  If anybody in this group is still looking for work, we are expanding our office in a couple of different ways.  I'd love to help if I can!



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