Looking for State and County Boundary Data Conversion

This is a technical and specific request for references, software, or expressions of interest in cracking this small problem.


I am about to convert several megabytes of Census data on state and county boundaries to a usable form.  I may actually use some reformatted data files from NationalAtlas.com, depending on what looks like less work.  But I would prefer to use any rational file format if you are aware of one or have created any from the usual public domain sources.  I consider a rational file format to be one that is in ASCII (nominally) delimited or XML, has at least one identifier tag for state or county that is followed by polygon vertex coordinates in decimal (lattitude,longitude) format.  Something that can be digested by a simple computer program.


If you are interested in the solution to this little problem, or the files resulting, I would be happy to send along my findings and boundary files.

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All gubment data I ever did analysis on was always in a flat delimited file format (cdc, census, bls, faa, forestry, etc).  I guess they need to have that out there for the least common... uh... person.  Normally, I would say XML would be a better format, IMHO.  This way you can pick it apart alot easier in code and reuse for api's, xslstyle sheets, and all that jazz - but you already know all that.



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