Help Wanted: Filling Out State/County Business Registration for Website (Advertising Business)

Before I go to the government offices to get advice on their confusing and obfuscated business license forms, perhaps one or two of you could lend a hand.  My new business sells advertising on a website.  Do you have experience in filling this out for one of your businesses doing similar sales?  I am also mystified by the registration with the Tennessee Dept. of Revenue.  If there is compensation involved for your help, just let me know the ballpark upfront.  Thanks!

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It looks like we need the following registrations:

1. Tennessee Business Tax Application for Registration

2. Anderson County Business Tax License

I've got copies of the forms, but not instructions.  I'd really like to get some advice from outside the respective government departments before seeing them and filling out the forms.  I don't think they will share an entrepreneur's perspective!



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