Would You Explore Google Glass if You Could?

Earlier this month, I presented at an EOK meeting and talked about how Google Glass might be used in business. I highlighted some of the unique qualities of Glass such as hands-free communication, augmented reality capabiliy, and close-up view for recording and demonstrating. I also talked about some of the opportunities that exist for developers to create Glassware (apps for Glass) that would be appealing. Since then, even more ideas have come to mind for useful Glassware not yet offered.

So here's a uniqe opportunity for my fellow EOK friends. I have the ability to submit a few people to become Glass explorers. Will it be you?  I have 14 days to submit the names of 3 lucky folks. I already have two of them spoken for in my healthcare community. If you are interested in exploring Glass for yourself, you could be number three! But you have to let me know quickly. Cost to participate is $1500 -- Google's price, not mine.

I'm also willing to partner with someone who wants to develop. Since I have Glass, access to the API, AND lots of idea, partnering with a good developer could be a beneficial merging of talents.

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