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If you’re thinking about building a website (any website!), Wordpress is an excellent option for you. Often, Wordpress gets mistaken for just a blogging platform, but it’s in fact much, much more. It’s free, easy, fast, and very powerful, and here are a few reasons why:

1) Themes

Themes are the lifeblood of Wordpress. They can transform your website from a plain blog-post site into a truly professional website within minutes. There are many, many free themes that are easily searchable and look great, and there are also many paid themes that simply look fantastic. There are plenty of excellent paid themes for around $45 and can give your website the exact look you’re looking for.

They’re also very easy to find and install. An easy way to scope out themes is to Google “free Wordpress themes” or something like “Wordpress theme green one column”. Once you find the name of a theme you’re looking for, you can almost always just type the name into the Theme finder on your Wordpress Dashboard (Appearance -> Themes) for a quick and easy install!

2) Pages and Posts

Pages are very easy to create in Wordpress, and the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWIG) editor makes it a snap to create great looking pages with the content you need. Once you add the page, it’s simple to add it to your site’s navigation menu at the top.

If your website will have a blog (not a bad idea), adding a post is just as easy from your Dashboard.

3) Plugins

Wordpress’s open-source nature makes it very easy to install powerful plug-ins that can do just about anything you can think of. There are plugins that prevent spam; there are plugins that can change all fonts on your page; there are plugins that backup your content; there are plugins to help for e-commerce; and many, many more. All installable within a few clicks.

4) Easy to Maintain

If you’re intimidated by setting up a Wordpress website, you can have someone set it up for you fairly quickly - and then you can handle the rest with ease. If you want to edit or add pages or posts, simple log in to your Wordpress Dashboard and take care of it with a few quick edits. No technical knowledge needed!

5) Search Engine Optimization

Wordpress has been specifcally engineered so that it is search engine optimized, meaning that Google and other search engines have no problem picking up its content. If you post plenty of unique content on a regular basis and get a good amount of initial hits, chances are good you’re not too far down the ladder on Google.

That’s a short list of reasons among many to use Wordpress as your content-management system. If you need any help in setting one up, feel free to contact one of the Neighborhood Nerds at

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