Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

I just ran across an entertaining yet serious video about local government barriers to starting a business. The main entertainment value comes from the extraordinary regulation of businesses in other parts of the United States.

Then I realized that Tennessee, local counties and municipalities might just have regulations that seriously impact small business startups. They don't have to advertise their regulations, they just have to show up at your door with a fine and slap you around a bit. Are we in the Garden of Eden for free enterprise, or are there some major potholes on the way to startup success?

If you have some knowledge about local government and small business, or know someone that can talk about it, please consider setting up a session at an EOK weekly meeting. I think we all would like to hear about that subject before The Enforcer shows up at our door!

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Comment by Leonard Knight on October 29, 2010 at 7:28pm
It is WAY too complex to startup and run a small business. Every governmental agency has it's hand out and has lots of complicated forms to confuse and cause stress! Also, if you're a rule follower like me, you stress about doing everything just right...and there doesn't really seem to be a right/wrong. No one really knows the answer other than you're on the hook for the maximum and the government agency usually wins.

What if...

1. We didn't tax businesses or charge them fees?
2. April 15th was just another day?
3. We disolved the IRS?
4. Taxes collected flowed up; local city/county, then state, then federal? We write one big check each quarter to the local government, they keep what they need and send the balance up to the next level.

I'm cool paying exactly what I pay now but would like to make it easier and not fear based.

Sorry...I try not to let my political stripes show in EOK and stay objective but this is a pet pieve.


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