What's This I Hear About Startup Business Incubators?

Sometimes it's great to get a fresh view on what it means to be a business incubator. When it comes to that sort of thing, Alexander Muse in Dallas can pack a whole lotta fresh views in a concise blog post. It starts out like this:

"This morning I received an email from an entrepreneur who asked me if I would be willing to introduce mobile app developers you. He explained that you have started an ‘accelerator‘ that offers office space, mentoring and $20-25K to companies who are within 90 days of launch of their mobile applications. In exchange you take 15 to 20 percent of the company. The entrepreneur who sent me the request indicated, “The challenge they are having is being in front of their target audience which are mobile app developers.” My initial thoughts:"

For the rest of Alex's blog post:


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