In both our personal and professional live I am certain each of us has at least one thing that holds us back from reaching the “next level”.  That next level is different for each of us.


In working with and talking to many small business owners and entrepreneurs I see the same obstacles repeatedly.  This is a great exercise for me to look at my own business and think critically about what is holding me back from my next level.


Recurring obstacles I see:

  • Complacency (I'm coasting)
  • Fear (I'm stuck)
  • Hesitation (I'm unsure)
  • Snap decisions (This is easy)
  • Lack of balance (I ___ too much)
  • Lack of planning (Just do it)
  • Lack of flexibility (My way or no way)
  • Pride (I can do it on my own)


What are your obstacles? I'm working to remove mine.



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Comment by Kerri Karel on August 8, 2011 at 1:04pm

Well said Brad.  It is easy to get stuck in "paralysis by analysis".


If we can get honest with ourselves on what our real obstacles are (especially the ones we create for ourselves) it would be to our benefit and the benefit of those we work around.

Comment by Lisa Gifford Mueller on August 4, 2011 at 11:02am
Fabulous! Identifying the obstacles, reviewing them daily/weekly/monthly and figuring out how to overcome them will help us get to the next level for sure!


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