Twitter-Publisher :: Easy Wordpress Plugin to Tweet Blog Posts

Twitter-Publisher is a Wordpress plugin to automagically publish a tweet whenever a new post is created on our blog. Pretty cool. To hook up Twitter-Publisher on your Wordpress blog, follow these steps.

1. Login as site-admin to your blog's dashboard
2. On the lefthand menu, choose Plugins
3. Then choose Add New that expands in the menu
4. In the search box, just enter Twitter-Publisher, it will be found as the first entry.
5. To the right, click on Install. Wordpress will do a few things in the background and the plugin will get loaded.
6. Return back to the list of Plugins, and click on Settings under the new Twitter-Publisher plugin. Fill out the settings, they are pretty easy to understand. You will need a Twitter account and enter the account credentials here.

Note: for best results, you will want to setup a FREE URL shortening account. Just go out to and fill out a free account. You put the credentials (username and API Key) in the Settings page of Twitter-Publisher.

That's it. Next time an article is added to your blog, a tweet will automatically be sent about the article.


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