It’s that time of year--graduation season.  If you are like me, you are receiving those graduation invitations in the mail.  I actually have three nieces graduating from college or high school.  Let me encourage you, as you are writing those graduation cards, and perhaps slipping in a little financial incentive, to also include a suggestion to help them get their professional careers off on the right foot.  Here are five graduation tips for 2012’s women grads:
1.    Immediately clean up your social media pages.  You can bet employers are looking at them.
2.    If you aren’t on LinkedIn, get there now.  Start thinking like a professional.
3.    Carefully negotiate your first salary.  All of your subsequent pay packages rest on this one.
4.    When you get that first job, don’t be afraid to raise your hand in meetings…but be sure you have something of value to add.  
5.    Understand the value of listening.  It is the most important part of conversation.

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