I almost didn't go.  There is a lot on my plate and Tuesday was no exception.  But then I remembered I paid $25 for my ticket.  That settled it.  I was going regardless how busy I was.

Call me cheap.  I'll take it as a complement. It wasn't that the waste of $25 would have impacted my budget.  It was that I had committed myself to be there and, at some point previously, I figured the event was worth my time.  

When I arrived at the first ever EOK Quarterly Event, I got a cup of coffee and chatted with a few people.  Networking is one of the benefits of EOK events.  Then the speakers began to take the microphone.  I was really surprised at the quality of the speakers, especially considering I paid only $25 to be there.  See how my perspective changed?  

The presentations were engaging and full of valuable information.  In my business, continuing education is not required or even available.  So I look for opportunities to learn and stay current.  From time management, which included managing personal, family and work times, to social media, of which I thought I knew something, to presentation tools, which I didn't expect to be so useful for me, to angel investing, which I knew almost zero about, the speakers all taught me something and certainly expanded my personal knowledge base.

The EOK Quarterly event cost me 3/4 of a work day and $25.  Time and money well spent.

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Comment by Lisa Gifford Mueller on May 1, 2012 at 4:55pm

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Andy. Definitely a great mix of speakers, attendees and lunch was phenomenal! I'll be there in June and I hope other members, both existing and new, will sign up for another fantastic experience.

Comment by John Travis Phillips on April 18, 2012 at 9:02pm

Yes, the speakers were informative and very relevant to entrepreneurs. And with a great lunch and meeting many new contacts, it was easily worth more than $25. I particularly enjoyed the presentation by Mark Schaefer on the changing nature of the Social Media enviironment with respect to its influence in our lives, not to mention his innovative approach to marketing his own perspectives. I found that he "influenced" me a lot!

Comment by Michael Erwin on April 16, 2012 at 10:49am

Thanks for posting, Andy!  I've been to a lot of conferences and read about hundreds more I considered attending.  The EOK quarterly event was an incredible mix of credible speakers, invaluable content, good networking, first-class food, and the rare opportunity as an entrepreneur to be challenged, inspired, and educated.  It was definitely worth the time and money, and if anyone missed it I highly encourage them to register for the next one in June.  I know I'll be there.

Comment by Janet Edkins on April 13, 2012 at 11:44am

Couldn't agree with you more Andy.  Pressure of work nearly made me decide not to go - I'm so glad I didn't give in the the urge.  Every speaker was valuable, their content was interesting and useful to my business.  Lunch was outstanding, community and support were as always exceptional. Already signed up for the next one.  Cheers - Janet.


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