This morning I came across this article about crowd sourcing;  At first I thought to myself that as usual EOK is ahead of the curve; we’ve been offering crowd sourcing opportunities to our members for years.  I was also amused that millions of dollars in grant money is going to be allotted to study the potential benefits and applications of crowd sourcing.  As I’ve thought more about the article I realize there is an even bigger component to what EOK offers with its crowd sourcing opportunities.


A few years ago a friend of the family came to visit and brought my husband and I each a special pendant to wear.  Our friend is a translator for the Karmapa (feel free to Google the Karmapa to learn about him); he had made sure that these pendants were blessed especially for us.  When he gave me my pendant he explained its significance; there was a medallion that had the symbol of the Buddhist goddess of wisdom.  Wisdom is a term that is often not given its due.  As my friend explained to me you can have knowledge but without compassion you can’t have true wisdom.  I still wear that pendant nearly every day to remind me of that powerful concept.  


In reflecting on the article in the link and the crowd sourcing I’ve participated in at EOK I see that what EOK is truly offering is wisdom.  The studies that these grants are being used for are strictly about knowledge and data; whereas EOK offers a safe and supportive environment for an entrepreneur to more or less bare their sole in the hopes that they will find a better solution than they would come up with on their own.  It is amazing to witness the free exchange of ideas during these sessions, and then to see the impact it has on the progress of the entrepreneur.  This is far more valuable than anything one or two experts could offer armed only with knowledge.


We should all revel in the Wisdom offered to us through EOK and strive to give back in kind!

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Comment by Steve Drevik on November 18, 2011 at 8:12pm


Comment by Marty Lee on October 19, 2011 at 6:04pm

Love your blog post, very insightful. :)

Comment by Kerri Karel on October 19, 2011 at 4:03pm
Beth - I echo your points about the wisdom of EOK.  We have a very diverse group and, with that, comes much wisdom.


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