The Right Time to Invest in Knoxville Real Estate?

Could this be the right time to invest in Knoxville real estate?

Though few are able to afford large new investments these days, folks who do have expendable income are snatching up some great bargains on the real estate market. Search tools for Knoxville real estate bargains and good deals in Smoky Mountains property, etc., are being used for investment deals.

For example, I heard recently "through the grapevine" that mountain chalets in Pigeon Forge that were priced at over $300,000 just six months ago are going for $200,000 and under now -- especially those in new developments that haven't been completely sold out by the developers yet.

Anyway, it seems a worthwhile consideration for those with extra income. If you can get a bargain on something that's going to appreciate over time, why not?

If you have a property to promote for sale, or are looking for property, I offer free Knoxville real estate promotions at

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