Did you know that EOK members are a juggernaut of force getting the word out for its members?  Yes indeed!  Whenever a member launches a new venture, we ask ALL EOK members to help out and spread the word.  I know when my team launched GoGrabLunch.com, the EOK greatly helped build our membership.  Now let's do the same for two of the latest ventures coming out of our membership.

  1. Taking IT Home:  members Leo Knight, Zane Hagey, and JR Charles have created a subscription-based residential IT service.  Get access to real geeks, not just some kids wearing a white shirt, black tie, and driving the company VW bug.

    Check them out at http://takingithome.com and on twitter @takingithome.  Follow them, tweet about them, tell a friend!  And don't forget to visit their new store / training facility at 1202 Kenesaw Ave.

  2. A film documentary on SB49:  EOK member Devon Hicks is producing a film documentary "Saying Gay: A film documentary about SB49".  The film will showcase interviews with young individuals tormented, bullied, and harassed for being different.  Devon is raising money through Kickstarter.com, a web portal for funding creative projects.

    Of course, you can donate directly to the project at saying-gay-a-documentary-about-sb49.  But you can also help tremendously by just tweeting or posting the follow message: "It's ok to say gay http://kck.st/m4m5YO Help fund a film #documentary about #SB49".  Don't worry, if you touch that tweet, you won't turn... well, you know.


It's all about helping our members with their dreams.  These are just the latest two projects literally from last week.  If I missed any, please add in the comments or write another post.  The more the better.  Go forth and do good!

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Comment by Frank Podlaha on June 5, 2011 at 8:29pm
Wonder if there's a ning plug in, i think a tab on this site would get more visibility.
Comment by Leonard Knight on June 5, 2011 at 5:03pm
Great job, Frank! We need to do more of this "Spot lighting" new startups.  Also, we really need a space for members to document their startups so we know about them.  Not sure what that would look like...we could use key words here on ning and add a tab.  Or we may need a whole other area like http://startups.eokhq.com


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