The Essential Benefits of Fellowship and social networking.....

Hey fellow EOKers et all. We have had an awesome lineup of fellowship pub nights the last four months, but they have been poorly attended. This has been a great entry point for our friends and visitors to check out what we are about. 

    Fellowship events are the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial group as they grow, we grow to buildup each and every member, we grow to increase our diversity, we grow because we choose to serve the greater purpose of entrepenuerialism: PASSION. You have a rare passion that needs to be fed and empowered by as many people you can get in front of as you grow.

"Fellowship and social networking is to entrepenuerialism

as gas is to a car"

I encourage you to come out to some of our pub nights, wine nights, girls nights out, and any event you can get to and out from under to be fed, and to feed others with YOUR passion. See you out there.

- Buzz

P.s. many ides picked up from article below

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