Results from Survey Re Entrepeneurs and Patents (Taken by Univ. of Cal. at Berkeley)

The University of California at Berkeley has conducted a survey about "how patents are used by and affect entrepreneurs, start-ups, and early stage high technology companies." Some of the results of this survey are posted today (July 20, 2010) on Dennis Crouch's website Professor Crouch has made a name for himself over the years providing an excellent blog and website covering all things patents. To my knowledge, his website is the most popular of its kind among patent attorneys and patent agents.

His recent posting regarding the patent survey conducted at Berkeley is valuable information for the folks at EOK who have questions about patents and who wonder whether seeking patent protection is the right step for them or their respective companies. Enjoy.

Roby Robinson

Registered Patent Attorney

Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

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