I've been using Evernote for over two years now and LOVE it! I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M Scanner connected to my MacBook Pro and it DEVOURS documents of any size and places them directly in my Evernote notebooks in searchable PDF format!

I take pictures of all of my checks/deposit slips and email them to my evernote account so they are recorded and searchable immediately. I also take a picture of my odometer before/after business trips and email them to evernote. I scan in EVERY receipt, bill, statement, etc. and it's all in Evernote and is searchable. I scan in all of my handwritten notes from projects and meetings...and...they're all searchable!

Another cool thing??!!?? It's available online, on Mac, on PC, on iPhone, on iPad, on PalmPre, on Android...AND...it's all synched...and...YES...it's all SEARCHABLE EVERYWHERE!

Oh yeah...it's FREE!

Check it out at http://evernote.com

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