I have learned quite a bit going to the EOK Training seminars given by Dr. Scot. They are free! And quite frankly, that's crazy. In one of the classes, we learned about increasing traffic to your website and boosting your page ranking within Google. One of the techniques to achive this is by creating a cloud of websites, communities, and links that all point back to your main website.

Videos on YouTube and images on Flickr are great examples of making a web presence outside your own site. These sites are favored by the robots crawling the web to better improve keyword searches and can highly improve your ranking. So I've been busy and wanted to show everyone that I'm putting this knowledge into practice.

I've made some fun, and a bit silly, videos to host on my new YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/localchirps. I've created these videos for my Twitter Data Mining software - LocalChirps Professional. Videos on this channel have links back to my website, and also have descriptions and tags that match my targeted keywords (ex: reputation management, brand tracking, twitter data mining, public relations, and so on). The cartoon videos were easily created with the free service XtraNormal.com (another tip I learned from the EOK crew).

On the front page of LocalChirps Professional, I randomly rotate the fun videos to keep it fresh. Also, I've repeated this entire process for Flickr images. I host screenshots of the software on my new LocalChirps Flickr account.

And for your pleasure, here's one of the goofy videos:

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