Prepping to meet the media?? Here are a few tips.

I was working with a coalition of groups over the weekend in anticipation that they would be meeting the media in the near future.  Here are some quick tips that I shared with them that you might also be able to use.

  1. Control who from your organization actually will speak to the press. 
  2. Have a designated spokesperson and really prep that person.
  3. Determine ~ three key message points that your designated spokesperson (you) will emphasize.  Keep coming back to those.
  4. Make sure each of those three points has underlying proof points that you can talk about in VERY plain language.  Don't use jargon or technical language unless you are talking to trade media.  For the general public, use the language of the general public who know nothing about your subject.
  5. Finally, if you are asked a negative question, DON'T repeat the question.  Simply give an answer and work it back to one of your three points.  Why?  Because if you repeat the negative question, nine times out of 10 that is the clip that will make the air waves.

I hope these tips are useful.  Anyone who is building their expert status should be planning to give interviews to the media.  A combination of thorough preparation, knowing how to interact with the interviewer, and using solid body language to project self-confidence will combine to give you a successful outcome with the media.  

Susanne Dalton Dupes, Dalton Dupes Agency (

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