EOK's first $1000 Giveaway is a success!

Five individuals pitched their ideas to a three-judge panel from Angel Capital Group.  Our three winners are listed below!  Thanks to all of the contestant for making the evening very exciting and entertaining!  Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the evening happen - UTFCU; ACG; PYA; LNG; Robinson IP Law; FairMechanics.com; Neighborhood Nerds; and the KEC!  This is just the first of many competitions...stay tuned and start getting your pitch together now!  And without further ado, here are your three winners:

3rd Place - Kyle McClain is best described as a technologist. He has always looked to shorten or “hack” things and processes. He has worked in the mobile, web and IT sectors helping both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses refine their business processes. For the past three years Kyle has served as the COO for ROAR.PRO, a mobile application publishing platform for churches and non-profits. Kyle was motivated to create the app – the “Diabetes Virtual Assistant” – to make the task of self-managing diabetes better based on his own personal diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in 2010. Kyle founded gludi http://gludi.com a company aimed at helping people with diabetes self-manage their disease with a mobile phone app. The app helps individuals with diabetes to do everything from recording their periodic glucose checks during the day to receiving analytics and even inviting others to help them manage their disease. You can keep up with Kyle on twitter @kylemcclain.

2nd Place - James Horey has extensive experience developing and deploying big storage and analysis technologies for a variety of small and large organizations. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico, where he specialized in distributed systems and sensor networks. OpenCore http://www.opencore.io/#/  is a cloud-based computing company whose focus is on building customized big data stacks in the cloud or, as is pitched on its webpage, “Big Data Platforms-as-a-Service.” They provide a fully managed service for cloud-based data storage with the ability to quickly scale and add analytic capabilities. Examples of big data software Open Core offer includes: Hadoop/HBase, PostGreSQL, and GlusterFS. Their service simplifies and drastically reduces the time to store and analyze data in the cloud. Customers pay using a per-use pricing model without any long-term contracts.

1st Place - Dave Seeman is from Franklin TN and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship at the University of Tennessee. Dave has worked for startup companies including New York City education startup Articula, and a local IT company, Neighborhood Nerds. David plans to launch his business, Willow List in alpha by next January and will graduate in May. Willow List  http://willowlist.co/ is an online registry service designed for people getting married with belief that couples deserve a simple way to get all that they register for, without hassling with duplicates, returns, or burdening their guests' pocketbooks. Willow List enables couples to register from anywhere on the web, allows guests to contribute their money as they see fit, and then delivers all of their gifts wrapped and beautifully prepared for that big and special day. 

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Comment by Jill Green on November 6, 2013 at 2:12pm

Congrats to all of the contestants!  I feel like I learned a great deal by listening to the pitches and the questions from the judges.  Anxious to see how each of the businesses progress.

Comment by Janet Edkins on November 6, 2013 at 12:26pm

Congrats to all of you.  Looking forward to keeping up with your future successes.   J


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