Knoxville is on the verge of something fantastic and I'm excited I was able to witness the start of it. I was invited to attend the announcement of the new Variable Technologies office in Knoxville on Wednesday 12/12/12 at 1 PM. 


George Yu, PhD, CEO and Founder of Variable Technologies based out of Chattanooga. 


Alex Lavidge of Variable Technologies and Syner-G explains the NODE to WBIR.

This was also a presentation of their product NODE that was held at the offices of Syner-G. Greg Compton and Alex Lavidge were on hand to represent Variable Technologies and field questions about NODE. Media in attendance consisted of WBIR and the Knox News Sentinel, so I was honored to be in the room given my lack of press credentials.

When I arrived I already had the NODE and the newly released THERMA iOS apps installed on my iPhone 4S because I had been reading quite a bit over the past few months about NODE

iPhone 4S screen shot of the NODE Therma app that allows you to view with your iPhone camera.

George told me to turn on my Bluetooth so I could sync my iPhone 4S to THERMA that was attached to one of the many KORE units on the table before me. I picked up the KORE unit with THERMA and started pointing it around at an assortment of things to take different temperatures in the conference room. I was impressed by the quality of the KORE unit and the durable materials it was constructed out of. The THERMA sensor is held onto the KORE with two tiny screws. The THERMA iOS app was beautiful and well done. It's quite intuitive and very easy to navigate so anyone thinking about purchasing a KORE and the THERMA sensor don't be intimidated because it's easy to figure out.


iPhone 4S screen shot of the NODE app

George said to try the CLIMA sensor next to let me get a feel of the amount of data you'll have at your fingertips when you purchase the KORE and CLIMA. With the CLIMA sensor I was able to pickup the barometric pressure, ambient light, humidity, and temperature of the conference room. For a weather nerd and National Weather Service certified SKYWARN storm spotter like me this was too much! I was absolutely amazed at the fact that I could so easily pickup everything. George told me about the record feature so I tapped it and let the data flow and eventually I decided to stop it. George said I now had the option to E-mail, Delete, or Cancel. I decided to e-mail the data sets to my Gmail account.

When you tap to stop recording data from the NODE you're prompted to Email, Delete, or Cancel.


The default file type is .csv that can be read by Excel or Google Sheets and there was one for each data type.


Screen shot taken from Google Sheets on my MacBook Air displaying the temperature .csv

During the presentation I connected to one of the KORE units on the conference table that had the OXA sensor attached to it. I ran through the app and I was fascinated that I had the ability to measure Carbon Monoxide. The poor air quality in Knoxville during the summer justifies the purchase of OXA. The Variable Technologies website states the OXA is an industrial grade Carbon Monoxide sensor. I had a limited amount of time to play around with OXA so I wasn't able to unlock the full potential of the sensor. 


I went to my iPhone's Bluetooth display and synced to another KORE unit but this time I was unsure of the sensor I was connected to. I didn't have this KORE unit in my hand while I was connected because it was one of the many the conference table. I monitored the temperature as it rose and declined  only to spike again as I disconnected from it.

Greg Compton demonstrated how you can use the CHROMA sensor to accurately read and color match multiple paints and have the exact paint code that you or your painter will need to get that last gallon of paint. The broad scope of uses for CHROMA by interior decorators, painters, and contractors are endless. I'm a new home owner and I was thinking of how I could use CHROMA to help with a few remodeling projects I have in mind. I was unable to get a hands on trial with CHROMA but the demo Greg gave us was excellent and showed off the power of CHROMA.

Variable Technologies has a very bright future ahead of it and the NODE has already caught the attention of the tech world. George confirmed that Variable Technologies will take NODE to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 8-11. I can't wait to see how big of splash NODE will make on the largest stage in the tech world. 

If you are interested in learning more about NODEKORECHROMACLIMALUMA, and OXA then head over to Variable Tech.

(Disclaimer: I don't work for Variable Technologies and I did not receive any compensation for this blog entry.)


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