LocalChirps.com has gone global! You can now find local tweets for anywhere in the world. We’ve loaded over 9000+ world cities (population 50,000+). It’s fun to follow the conversation around the world: witness breaking news events, find American Expats, get in touch with the culture for your next big travel adventure.

Here are a few direct link examples:
- Fight for Freedom: http://localchirps.com/452435143,tehran,iran
- Gondola Breezes: http://localchirps.com/487567233,venice,italy
- Our troops: http://localchirps.com/448332917,kabul,afghanistan
- Busy Germans: http://localchirps.com/502039105,nuremberg,germany

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Comment by Leonard Knight on September 1, 2009 at 10:50pm
Awesome news! Great job Frank!


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