EOK members, Jason Settlemyer and Theo Aukerman have gone above and beyond the call of duty by spending the day at the FLAM facility working on lights, cameras, audio, internet streaming to help improve the podcasts and ustream feed on Wednesday mornings! We met at FLAM Friday, worked on a plan over lunch, bought supplies, and proceeded to work into the wee hours of the morning fixing all kinds of stuff!

Jason, it turns out, is excellent at installing lights, switches, network cables, fixtures, and much more. He's also quite professional and the installation looks very nice! This is one of Jason's many talents. Jason has many ideas for products and services that will make him and others very rich! If you don't know Jason, do your self a favor, and get to know him.

Theo, as a few of us know, is an expert at researching networking issues. Theo worked feverishly to find bandwidth issues, computer performance issues, software conflicts and more. He identified many areas for improvement and after this weekend will be the resident expert on Ustream's new Ustream Producer Software.

The combination of these two guys would be perfect for anyone wanting to get started Podcasting or Streaming. They can setup the service, hardware, software do the wiring and teach you how to run the whole system!

Jason, Theo, Thanks for your support of EOK!

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