I received a note from a good friend about not being able to afford EOK's membership fees of $100/year or $.27/day.  My immediate thought was how can you afford not to be a member of EOK.  EOK provides more tips, tools, contacts, real-world examples, rubber to the road content, than any other organization I've seen.

I've launched two new businesses since I've been a member of EOK due greatly to the valuable information shared by my brothers and sisters during meet-n-greets, crowd-sourcing, pub nights, regular meetings, quarterly events, etc.  EOK and it's members are here to help...just ask.

As much as I dislike "business networking"...EOK does networking RIGHT!  We, the Board, ask you not to solicit sales from one another, not to refer one another, instead just share, learn, contribute, help...the networking just happens.

EOK gives you much more than you give it...believe me...I've tested it time and time again!  It works!  I've met more amazing people through EOK than I did in all the referral/networking organizations I've attended combined.  I've learned about more tools, techniques, services, resources, etc. in EOK than all the business books I've read combined.  This has all translated to more money in all my companies.

It's all here but you have to be proactive, participate, get involved...you can't sit back and wonder why you're not getting rich like everyone else.

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Comment by Kathi Browne on June 4, 2012 at 3:19pm

Why wouldn't we refer each other? I am excited to refer some of the wonderful folks I have come to know at EOK, and some of them have referred to me. Maybe what you mean is that we shouldn't expect or abuse referrals like some other groups? Now THAT is what I love about EOK. We're above that.

Comment by Mary C. Weaver, CSCS on May 31, 2012 at 3:08pm

I find that I can usually figure out a way to afford what is really important. And if a $100 investment has the potential to pay off in much greater measure, it's really a no-brainer. My EOK membership falls into that category.

I just started my current business, and I'm not yet overflowing in cash. But I had no problem seeing the benefits of my $100 commitment to EOK.

Comment by Marty Lee on May 31, 2012 at 8:22am

This is so true Leo! The value of EOK is really not something you can even put a price on for all you get. I can't imagine not being a part of EOK as I got $100 worth of information at yesterday's meeting, that's ONE meeting!!! I love the member spotlight that we are doing, that is worth a lot more than $100 for that members' business, the open spaces that we did yesterday was so amazing and I learned so much about the people at my table and the valuable information they all gave. Then going to lunch I learned so much more and made lifetime connections with the people I was breaking bread with at lunch! Does ANYTHING get any better than this, we are a family, a community of people helping other people including each other.


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