Hi EoK Gang!

My friend Kevin just told me about this site tonight -- I'm really excited to see an entrepreneurs' clup pop up in Knoxville.

My tip and/or suggestion would be that we do a little SEO task for each other, where appropriate. I'll start a group for it, and anyone who's interested, say what kind of links you can put up, and what you're looking for in return.

As owner of knoxvillebusiness.com and knoxtnwiki.com, I'm very open to most outgoing business links having to do with the Knoxville area, and quite happy to receive them in return. :)

Google and the other majors love back links, so anyone with a Knoxville-related site - jump in!

My best wishes for everyone's Knoxville business success,

Mac Bartine
Knoxville, Tennessee Business

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