Pitching to investors can be scary...here are a few tips to help you build your presentation and do a great job!

Investor Pitch Guide

This is a guide for an investor’s presentation.  The goal is to get a followup meeting or additional interest.  It is helpful if a similar book is left with potential investors to review on their own time.

  1. Company Logo

    1. Simple slide with logo and tagline

  2. Business Overview

    1. Why do you do what you do?  How is company structured?  What type of entity?  Owners? What do we do?  What is our Unique Selling Proposition?

  3. Management Team

    1. Investors invest in people...not ideas.

  4. Market

    1. Explain the market.  Who is your client? Market potential? What’s wrong with the market today?

  5. Product

    1. Explain exactly what your product does.  If Web App, use screen-shots.  Explain why your product is needed. How are you different from competition?  How does the client solve this problem today?

  6. Business Model

    1. How do you make money? 

  7. Strategic Partnerships

    1. How do you leverage relationships to grow business?  To maintain business?  To create obstacles to competition?

  8. Competition

    1. Consider all competition (including your target client).  What do you do better?  What do you do different?  Speak in terms of benefits not features.

  9. Barriers to Entry

    1. Everyone has obstacles...what are yours?

  10. Financial Overview

    1. Show the numbers.  What did is cost to get here?  What does it cost today?  What will it cost to get there?  When will you start making money?

  11. Use of Proceeds

    1. How will these dollars be used to make the startup successful?  Investors don’t like you paying off debt or paying yourself too much.  You and your team should remain hungry and need your product to succeed.

  12. Capital Structure

    1. How is the company structured financially?  Who owns what?  How much does everyone own?  What will the investor get?  How does the investor get paid?  What is the benefit to the investor?

  13. Finish with Logo and Contact Info

    1. Answer questions here

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