If USP Stood for Unique Socializing Position

If you attended yesterday's EOK quarterly workshop then you probably noticed that I was conspicuously chatting with strangers in a Google+ hangout while the speakers were presenting. Not only that, but my laptop was aimed so that the person speaking could see that I was busily typing away to the faces on the screen. Rude? Hardly. I was experimenting with unique ways to use social media to get others talking about us.

I invited people from Google+ and Twitter to join the public hangout to see what EOK had to offer. Only a few people acted on the invitation, but the ones who did were impressed by the content (and quite frankly, our pricetag). I pointed my laptop toward the speakers, so hangout visitors could hear and see what was going on. As Rachael Qualls talked about what investors want to know, a few folks and I interjected comments on the sidebar. When Mark Shaefer talked about GooglePlus, a news writer and an app developer humorously commented that Google+ was their preferred platform. During lunch, a few EOK members experimented by joining the hangout from their phones. 

If I only accomplished one goal, it was to communicate that EOK is unique. We don't want to do what everyone else does because what we do is even better. Demonstrating this through new social applications, gives people something to talk about. Being talked about is what social media is all about. So shouldn't UPS really stand for unique socializing position?

Ask yourself what you are doing to get talked about. Are you interacting to highlight your uniqueness, or are you spamming people with promotional garbage? If you aren't the subject of others' conversations, then it's time to reevaluate your approach and maybe even get some help. Oh yeah... there's a hangout for that.

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Comment by Kathi Browne on April 23, 2012 at 1:14pm

I like it, Ron! I know where we can find some great coders...

Comment by Ron D Carlson on April 23, 2012 at 1:06pm

Kathi, let's build an app to scan all incoming against this criteria: "Are you interacting to highlight your uniqueness, or are you spamming people with promotional garbage?".  My inbox would be delightfully decimated!

Hmm, call it the EOK+inator.


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