I Could Have Made a Million With My Sticky Note Idea

A few weeks ago I listened to an EOK Podcast on product development. My head was spinning. I know that I have a product or two or three that I can bring to market. Well today I discovered that I missed the boat completely on one of them.

I went to Office Max to by some office supplies. I saw a new line of organizing products designed by Peter Walsh (Clean Sweep and Oprah) called [in] place system.
These are items to organize action files and projects. He uses sticky notes for file labels and for labels on project cases and magazine files. The sticky notes are sized to fit the products; in some cases there is a little pocket for them.

I have been using the sticky note system for color coding for years. I love the flexibility of the notes. Some of my clients are reluctant to make and label a file if they feel it might be temporary. Sticky notes allow you to reuse the folder.

I hate to admit it but I have actually been phasing out that system and using Smead Viewables instead because (get this) I thought the sticky notes looked unprofessional. Now Peter Walsh is going to get even richer - because he took that simple idea to market.

You can likely see the products at www.officemax.com

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Comment by Karen Sprinkle on January 30, 2010 at 12:31pm
I do use and love the Viewables that fold over manila file folders. It is a subtle way to color code. Leo was talking about the Viewables special hanging folder tabs - those are not my favorite.

Sticky notes work too in fact Post-It has come out with their own line of removable file folder labels.

With clients I give them labeling options and let them decide how they want to label their files - Everyone is different.
Comment by David Rose on January 30, 2010 at 11:01am
The other day when you were presenting to the EOK group and spoke about special fold over printable tabs I kept wondering why not just sticky notes. I know you said these printable ones weren't your favorite but we never got to what your favorite was... perhaps sticky notes!!


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