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Hello fellow writer,

Ready for your weekly tips for authors, publishers and entrepreneurs? I'll be sharing events and workshops as well as content to boost your APE IQ. As I said in APE, writing a book isn’t an easy process nor is it always enjoyable, but it is one of life’s most satisfying achievements.

We wrote APE to help other writers with their self-publishing struggle and have continued the mission beyond the book with our Google+ APE writer's community and now this newsletter. There will be three articles each week one for author, publisher, and entrepreneur. I look forward to being part of your writing journey.



Critiques Make Your Writing Better, So Grin and Bear Them
Critiques are designed to help writers, not to offend them or make them feel unworthy. But the human ego is a fragile and funny thing. Some folks simply can’t handle the notion that despite all their hard work, the project they’ve written is less than perfect.


Ten ways self-publishing has changed the book world
As the DIY approach gains more and more writers and readers, traditional publishers must reinvent themselves. After a boom year in self-publishing the headlines are getting a little predictable. But in our rush to admire, there's a risk we overlook the wider cultural significance of what is going on.


How to optimize your Amazon book page to sell more books
Your Amazon book page is one of the ONLY places on the Internet that potential readers will go to with the understanding that they might buy your book. This is huge. To have a visitor to your Amazon page that is ready to buy is an opportunity you can’t miss.

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