Help EOK write a poem/lyrics for a contest. The winning non-profit gets $10,000.00

Here's a link:

Let's brainstorm here on the EOK site within the comments and come up with a good one to submit.

You don't have to write the whole thing, just throw out some ideas and let others expand on them.

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Comment by William Milam on July 24, 2009 at 12:30pm
I would have thought that advertising/marketing types would have jumped on this. It seems like such a broad topic would make it easy.
Comment by William Milam on July 21, 2009 at 3:07pm
I like this core message from below

"humble starts and a simple mission, make every member successful as they realize their vision"

some ideas:

"From the banks of the Tennessee River to the peak of Ole Rocky Top"
"Folks are planting seeds of new companies and EOK has a great crop"

"Hard work never goes out of fashion"
We're pushing forward and living out our passion"
Comment by Leonard Knight on July 20, 2009 at 11:09am
I'm no poet or lyricist but here's a few thoughts.

at EOK we innovate and educate

at EOK we share and care and share some more; if you can't do that, then there's the door.

our guests are the best, they always inform

humble starts and a simple mission, make every member successful as they realize their vision

don't sell to one another but help each other

"we're bigger than the sum of our parts" we hold these words true in our hearts

I hope this makes you smile but also gets you thinking. Please take a few minutes to think about a poem or lyrics that tell the story of EOK.

there are others around town like SBA and Knoxville Overground


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