Hanging Out on GooglePlus is NOT a waste of Time

Many of you have heard me sing praises about Google+ hangouts, but don't really understand why meeting strangers on camera is good for business. It's not about meeting strangers, but about being accessible and available to meet people when they are looking for someone like you.

When I first joined Google+, I watched to see how people were using hangouts. A guy by the name of Peter Volke would hangout alone, waiting for someone to drop in. I looked at his profile and at the time, he looked like a startup guy (or maybe an angel investor). I thought it was strange how he was using hangouts, so I popped in and asked him what he was doing. His strategy was brilliant. He made himself available for anyone who was curious. He was the first to learn about new plugins, new software tools, and even paired people up who he thought could "complete" each other. He realized that being out there where the action was happening made him more likely to be a part of everything. Peter has since updated his About page and even offers a finders fee for good leads. Interesting concept, huh?

Since that time, I have discovered tv and radio shows experimenting with hangouts, and have enjoyed some great brainstorming sessions with social media folks around the world. After all, it is a lot easier to compare notes with someone who doesn't see you as the competition. I have also demonstrated hangouts to developers who have quickly realized they can demontrate their products through the hangout's screenshare feature.

I'm going to be holding Google+ hangouts so you and other EOK members can start to take advantage of hangouts. If you don't have a Google+ account, watch my short video on creating one and then let me know you're on so I can add you to my EOK circle.


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