Google Docs is a core tool here at Entrepreneurs of Knoxville! We, your BOD, use Google Docs for every BOD meeting (Agenda, Minutes, Plans, Proposals, etc)! We don't print any docs...we just collaborate real-time even during our meetings. If you haven't seen Google Docs in action, let us know and we'll setup a training session in the near future!

Also, if you want an easy way to get started, we can create an EOK account for you and you can start using the EOK Google Docs immediately! It's a great way to get rolling. Just post a comment here of your desired username on or or

Just let us know and we'll get you setup. You'll receive an invitation email with some instructions for completing your setup and in a few moments you'll be rocking and rolling on Google Docs!

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Comment by Marty Lee on November 14, 2011 at 11:50am

I still use Google Docs all the time Leo and I love it!


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