We’ve all heard size doesn’t matter.  Well the elephant in the room is that size does matter!  Am I talking about actual size? Absolutely not.  I’m talking about effort; you can’t reach big dreams without putting in big effort.

In the old days, yes a mere 10 to 15 years ago, you had to really put out effort to start a business.  Before the internet it might take 6 months or more to research and write a business plan.  Then there was all of the other daunting start-up work before you could even open the doors.  Of course that meant that by the time you opened the doors you had already lived and breathed the business; plus all the blood, sweat, and tears.  On the plus side if you went through that process and didn’t start on a whim you likely had the outlook that “Failure is NOT an Option”.

I see so many entrepreneurs these days approach things with the attitude that they’ll see how things pan out, maybe they’re unemployed and not sure what else to do.  With social media running so rampant people think they sit at their computers and connect with others and that business will come to them.  The plain and simple truth is that no matter how enamored we are with social media, it is just a tool. 

With the tools and resources available these days success is easier to achieve and the reality is in the words of my friend Coley “none need fail”.  However, the statistics of business failure haven’t changed with the times.  So what can be done to reduce the number of business failures?

 People usually laugh when I say it, but I think the answer is that we should all strive for World Domination.  I firmly believe that if you’re not prepared to strive to be World Class you shouldn’t bother.  That doesn’t mean that you’ve failed if you’re not the best in the world, but you have to always work like you are trying to be.  So:


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