Getting Teens thinking like an Entrepreneur!!!!!!

Yes, this is a challenge because most people including kids don't think about an entrepreneur in industries like medicine, architecture, chemistry, dentistry, social work, music and the arts. Well, hold on because the Entrepreneurs of Knoxville along with the University of Tennessee and the Ultimate Life Institute have teamed up to conduct a pilot entrepreneurship camp for teens from Sunday, July 29th through August 3rd. The Empowered Teen Camp will engage teens to think outside the box, in fact they will be transformed from the inside out. This camp not only teaches the skill sets needed to start a business but the mindsets to make it successful. 

Check out website for more information or contact Donna Walker at or 865-304-3444 for more information. I can email you the agenda and you are most welcome to come observe but we will need to know in advance.

URGENT NEEDS: We still have some needs to meet prior to camp. We appreciate any amount of help you or your sphere of influence can contribute to this pilot program. At this point we are going to have to ask our EOK and community volunteers and presenters to pay for their parking ($5 per day) and for their own meals at approximately $10 per meal and the cookout is $10.99. We hate this and hope enough professionals will contribute to help us offset these costs and allow us to treat our volunteers. I will let you know how this works out as we get closer to our implementation date. Every dollar helps us reach our goal.

Please Consider:

Sponsoring breakfast for a day for $200

Sponsoring lunch for a day for $275

Sponsoring the Dinner/Competition on Friday night for  $1,500

Sponsoring a teen for the week for $500 (5 more kids need scholarships)

Sponsoring parking for a day for $100


Donna Walker

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