EOK folks, you NEED to check out this new service called ErliBird!  It's a company that helps start-ups by bringing quality new users to your site.  These are "early adopter" users that are interested in innovative technology, entrepreneurs, new apps, and so on.  ErliBird has a gaming system within their app to make it fun and rewarding for their members to become part of new start-ups.  But unlike some companies that offer this service for equity, ErliBird is free or premium based (freemium).

StreetJelly has signed up and currently has a campaign going.  I will report back on the results.  But in the mean time, PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS LINK http://erlibird.com/?ft=0&loc=0&dev=0&pg=0&sort=1 and support StreetJelly through their site.  This will help us trend on their site and draw even more attention.  And sign up as an early bird yourself.  There are a lot of cool websites that are trending on ErliBird right now.

Thanks all, Frank

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