In an effort to keep everyone in the loop, I'm going to attempt to add regular blog entries concerning the latest news in EOK.

I was invited to a meeting this morning to brainstorm on the best use for the old Knoxivi space under the Knoxville Chamber on Market Square.  For those not familiar, the space is located at 17 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902.  It's about 2000 square feet of space; is located on the ground floor with storefront glass to Market Square; and is located directly below the Knoxville Chamber.

Todd Napier moderated the meeting, inviting representatives from the Chamber, Tech2020, UTK, SCORE, Knoxville Mayors office, and more.  This was a group similar to those participating in the Entrepreneurial Growth Group (EGG) a couple of years ago.  Discussion was very open and frank as usual for this crew.  Our goal is to determine the best use for the space in an effort to serve the Entrepreneurial community of Knoxville and East Tennessee.

After a great deal of discussion, brainstorming, back patting, and cat herding, we came to a decision that we needed to think on it a little more.  The path forward is to create a memorandum of understanding with each of the organizations communicating their expectations.

The general feeling was that a physical location was needed for our collaborative efforts to have a face.  All of the business resource organizations would be represented in this new space.  We would each help operate and maintain the space.  We would each commit to providing a resource for one day a week to man the office.  This person would represent all members of the coop and answer questions objectively as visitors enter the space looking for help with their latest startup idea.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Also, if you want to help with buildout, operations, maintenance, etc, let us know.

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