As many of us know EOK sprang to life from Leonard Knight gathering together with some fellow business leaders over coffee to help one another with whatever issues they were facing.  This casual supportive environment was so successful that it grew beyond the confines of a coffee shop into what we now know and love as EOK!


Fortunately the increase in members has meant incredible opportunities for member success and extensive offerings to the Entrepreneurial community.  Unfortunately it has also meant the watering down of the more intimate individualized peer support of the coffee gatherings.


In an effort to get back to our roots, we are starting peer groups of up to 15 people; with the twist of each group having a facilitator to keep things on track.  There will be five groups starting in June and each group will meet monthly for two hour brainstorming/collaboration/support sessions.  The meeting times and dates are as follows:


1st Monday from 9 – 11 am (with Coley Pardue)

1st Thursday from 1 – 3 pm (with Cindy Hinds)

2nd Thursday from 2 – 4 pm (with Judy Householder)

3rd Monday from 9 – 11 am (with Beth Foister)

3rd Thursday from 8 – 10 am (with Ed Engel)


I’ll be creating a group on the EOK web-site for each of the above time slot options for people to sign-up.  We are excited to rekindle the flame that sparked the blaze that is now EOK! 


PS: Be prepared to be professional, confidential, have consistent attendance, and to participate


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Comment by Scot T. Chrisman, M.D. on May 10, 2011 at 8:48pm
What is the group Theme, Common Interest, etc of each of the above  Peer Groups?  I would be interested in leading a 2 hour, once a month group on Leveraging the Web/Internet with a "Findability Blueprint" for your local business.  Topics would be serious How To Tips, and an A, B, C, D, Here's what to DO NOW -- for your Findability on:  1) Google Places, 2) Call to Action Websites, 3) Facebook Fanpages for business, 4) YouTube for business, 5) Mobile marketing for specific businesses, and 6) Listing yourself on the top 10 critical Business Directories.  Anyone interested in launching that, just email me your interests, here on EOK.  -- DrScot
Comment by Beth Foister on May 6, 2011 at 11:47am
Not initially, but as with any group dynamic they will take on a life of their own and each will develop to meet whatever the needs of the members are.
Comment by Karen Sprinkle on May 6, 2011 at 11:34am

This is something that I've wanted for a while. Are the different groups going to have specialized focus  areas?


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