I have been asked to help promote EOK on Twitter and am excited to get started. I would like to tell you about some of the things EOK will be embracing,  and to ask for your support:

  • We will start live tweeting during our morning sessions. Theo Aukerman has agreed to be our first live tweeter and we hope to eventually have enough volunteers to have two or three live tweeting. Live tweeting stirs interest in what we do and also allows members to get the highlights when we are unable to attend. I will be asking some of you  to live tweet (using hashtag #EOKtown). If you know you will be attending and are willing to tweet some highlights from your phone or laptop, please let me know here or by sending a message to @EOKtown. Members who would like to view tweets of meeting highlights, can go to TweetChat.com and enter the hashtag #EOKtown, or create a column of tweets, filtered to find #EOKtown.
  • New people find EOK through word of mouth, search results... and social media mentions. The more we talk about EOK, the more people we bring to our organization. We also support each other when we retweet EOK blog posts and congratulations. I am asking that all of us to come together as @EOKtown members and show pride in one another and in the organization through posts and tweets. Don't be afraid to retweet each other and mention when someone is a fellow @EOKtown member. 
I am in the process of adding EOK tweeters to @EOKTown's Twitter member list. I look forward to being a part of EOK in this way, and welcome any suggestions to meet additional member needs.

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