I believe we have reached a point in time where most companies that are established have entered the online marketplace. Even the most mom and pop, brick and mortar businesses have a web presence  If we go back ten years, that was the final hard push for companies that were already late to the party to finally build a website. I feel like we are at that point when it comes to social media marketing

Plenty of companies with wonderful websites are either ignoring or feel they lack the resources to create a social media marketing campaign for their company. Lack of resources and a failure of understanding is the reason companies were late to enter the online marketplace with a website. There is no way to accurately quantify how many companies lost or even went out of business because of this procrastination. So is it the same companies that were late to the “website party” that are going to be late to the “social media gathering”? It’s hard to say, but seeing as that the same reasons are being used to ignore both, it’s almost certainly going to have the same ramifacations.

Now is the time for even the most reluctant companies to get involved with social media. It’s no longer a “cute” little marketing tactic geared toward teenagers and nerds. My mother spends more time on Facebook than anyone my age and she can barley work a toaster.

The one aspect of social media marketing that scares businesses off is the time it takes to create an effective social media marketing campaign. Here is the reality, it does take a lot of time, but it’s short blasts of time on a regular basis. Five minutes here and there, an hour a week….this time and dedication over a long period of time will build that social media marketing campaign into a sustainable avenue to reach and connect to current and prospective customers. So just like eating an elephant sounds daunting,  if done one bite at a time…..ok, this is a bad metaphor, who is eating entire elephants?

Being fashionably late to certain social events might be acceptable. Being late to the social media marketing party will be devastating to companies trying to grow and solidify their customer base. Remember the mistakes of the past and DO NOT repeat them. If you are a company that was late to build a website and are dragging your feet when it comes to social media marketing, get with it! You’ll be regretting it faster than you think.

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