At our last EOK meeting, I asked everyone to help build a quick website for our friend, Ron Carlson.  The response was pretty amazing.  Imagine, if we did a little work like this for every member...

I'm sure if we wanted to go further, we could build a nice twitter page, facebook page, and more.

Crowd-sourcing to kickstart a member's online marketing, physical marketing, book outline, RFP, etc could be a very powerful tool.  Take a look at the latest effort and feel free to help with design or content.

To help with Ron's website, just login with the credentials roncarlson/roncarlson.

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Comment by Ron D Carlson on May 24, 2012 at 9:42am

Absolutely amazing process.  The squarespace site began taking shape live as we spoke.  Crowd-sourcing worked to get this started.  Thanks EOKers!


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