We believe the collective experience of all our members is priceless! No one has seen the world through your eyes...you are super unique and we can all learn from you! So, please take a few minutes to share your ideas for topics.

I've attached the list we have compiled so far. Please use the EOK Topic Suggestion form to make more suggestions. You can find the form under "Contact Us" or use this link if you want to share http://bit.ly/EOKTopics

Also, If you take a look at the attached PDF list, you'll notice some names are missing under the expert column. If you consider yourself an expert on the topic, let us know. If you know an expert on the topic, let us know. We always want to hear from you!

Also, feel free to use the comment section here to post your feedback. Whatever is easier for you! We love collaboration and meeting you where you live! The more suggestions, the better! Like we said...we believe the Entrepreneurial Collective is a powerful thing!  Here's the PDF of the topics we have suggested so far!

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