Can you find your own information and business records when you need them?

Business Records in both paper and digital formats are a major entrepreneurial asset for all organizations – large or small. Being organized so information is accessible and making sure you retain records needed for the future is critical to any business. Let's see if EOK members are aware of what they may be missing when it comes to managing their business information!

I have posted a survey on Zoomerang that can be used to identify areas where information management can be a problem for anyone. This survey asks probing questions intended to get entrepreneurs thinking about their current record keeping activities so they can become more aware regarding information management dangers - lost, misfiled, discarded or stolen records. In addition, by filling out the survey, respondents will receive a report on how other entrepreneurs responded so they can measure themselves against what others are doing. More importantly, once the survey is completed, I will also provide some insights into what EOK members should know about their own records management dangers, so they can be prepared in the future.

This self-assessment survey is accessible at After 25 individuals have completed the survey, a drawing will be held and the winner awarded a $50 gift certificate for Aubrey's restaurant.



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