Hey Gang! We're looking at "Content" for our Small Biz Training Podcasts/Webinars for 2009. So...

What's your three Biggest Challenges you foresee for your biz in 2009?

We'd like to address these challenges and help pick them OFF one by one, during the first quarter of the year.

Email me here or post. We'll pick the best topics and make sure we get EOK members the info needed to win-out in 2009 (regardless of the so-called "lousy" economy!).

Happy TG!

-- "DrScot"
Sr. Mktg. Consultant

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Comment by Scot T. Chrisman, M.D. on November 25, 2008 at 6:04pm
Hey Shawn! Great topics! Automated processes will be one of our Webinars... Go online and check out InfusionSoft.com Greatest automated CRM system ever. We own a license for it, and can make it available quite inexpensively to EOK members. One of the coolest "low-cost" marketing plans only requires a biz card, a 1-800 number, and a "Free Report." Maybe we can go over all that on one of our upcoming broadcasts.
-- "DrScot"


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